Wednesday, July 10, 2013

1307.2550 (Jonathan L. Rosner)

Hadronic and radiative $D^*$ decays    [PDF]

Jonathan L. Rosner
A recent measurement of the total $D^{*+}$ width, $\Gamma_{\rm tot}(D^{*+}) = (83.3 \pm 1.3 \pm 1.4)$ keV, is shown to be close to earlier predictions based on the single-quark-transition hypothesis. Those predictions are updated using more recent masses and branching fractions to a value of 80.4 keV, with a small uncertainty associated with the radiative branching fractions of $D^{*0}$ and $D^{*+}$. A prediction for the total width of $D_2(2460)$ and its partial width into $D^* \pi$ and $D \pi$ is also updated, and found to be in agreement with experiment.
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