Tuesday, July 2, 2013

1305.2252 (YuLian Zhang et al.)

Investigation of GEM-Micromegas Detector on X-ray Beam of Synchrotron

YuLian Zhang, HuiRong Qi, BiTao Hu, ShengNan Fan, Bo Wang, Mei Liu, Jian Zhang, RongGuang Liu, GuangCai Chang, Peng Liu, Qun Ouyang, YuanBo Chen, FuTing Yi
To solve the discharge of the standard Bulk Micromegas and GEM detector, the GEM-Micromegas detector was developed in Institute of High Energy Physics. Taking into account the advantages of the two detectors, one GEM foil was set as a preamplifier on the mesh of Micromegas in the structure and the GEM preamplification decreased the working voltage of Micromegas to reduce the effect of the discharge significantly. In the paper, the performance of detector in X-ray beam was studied at 1W2B laboratory of Beijing Synchrotron Radiation Facility. Finally, the result of the energy resolution under various X-ray energies was given in different working gases. It indicated that the GEM-Micromegas detector had the energy response capability in all the energy range and it could work better than the standard Bulk-Micromegas.
View original: http://arxiv.org/abs/1305.2252

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