Friday, June 28, 2013

1306.6594 (Ju-Jun Xie et al.)

Signature of an $h_1$ state in the $J/ψ\to ηh_1 \to η
K^{*0}\bar{K}^{*0}$ decay

Ju-Jun Xie, M. Albaladejo, E. Oset
The BES data on the $J/\psi \to \eta K^{*0}\bar{K}^{*0}$ reaction show a clear enhancement in the $K^{*0}\bar{K}^{*0}$ mass distribution close to the threshold of this channel. Such an enhancement is usually a signature of a L=0 resonance around threshold, which in this case would correspond to an $h_1$ state with quantum numbers $I^G(J^{PC})=0^-(1^{+-})$. A state around $1800\ \text{MeV}$ results from the interaction of the $K^* \bar{K}^*$ using the local hidden gauge approach. We show that the peak observed in $J/\psi \to \eta K^{*0}\bar{K}^{*0}$ naturally comes from the creation of this $h_1$ state with mass and width around $1830\ \text{MeV}$ and $110\ \text{MeV}$, respectively. A second analysis, model independent, corroborates the first result, confirming the relationship of the enhancement in the invariant mass spectrum with the $h_1$ resonance.
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