Friday, June 21, 2013

1306.4951 (Dmitry Borisyuk et al.)

Two photon exchange amplitude with πN intermediate states: P33

Dmitry Borisyuk, Alexander Kobushkin
We consider two-photon exchange (TPE) in the elastic electron-proton scattering and evaluate the effect of \pi N (pion + nucleon) intermediate hadronic states. Among different \pi N states, we concentrate on the P33 channel; thus we effectively include Delta(1232) resonance with realistic width and shape and corresponding background as well. In agreement with the previous result, obtained for a zero-width resonance, we observe that the TPE correction to the electric form factor is the largest one; it grows with Q^2 and at Q^2 > 2.5 GeV^2 exceeds the corresponding elastic contribution.
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