Thursday, June 20, 2013

1306.4574 (A. V. Derbin et al.)

Search for axioelectric effect of 5.5 MeV solar axions using BGO

A. V. Derbin, S. V. Bakhlanov, I. S. Dratchnev, A. S. Kayunov, V. N. Muratova
A search for axioelectric absorption of solar axions produced in the $ p + d \rightarrow {^3\rm{He}}+\gamma (5.5 \rm{MeV})$ reactions has been performed with a BGO detector placed in a low-background setup. A model-independent limit on an axion-nucleon and axion-electron coupling constant has been obtained: $| g_{Ae}\times g_{AN}^3|< 2.9\times 10^{-9}$ for 90% confidence level. The constrains of the axion-electron coupling have been obtained for hadronic axion with masses in (0.1 - 1) MeV range: $|g_{Ae}| \leq (1.4 - 9.7)\times 10^{-7}$.
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