Wednesday, June 19, 2013

1306.4051 (H. W. Long et al.)

Day-Night Asymmetries in Active-Sterile Solar Neutrino Oscillations    [PDF]

H. W. Long, Y. F. Li, C. Giunti
Day-night asymmetries in active-sterile solar neutrino oscillations are discussed in the general $3+N_{s}$ mixing framework with three active and N_s sterile neutrinos. Analytical expressions of the probability of neutrino flavor transitions in the Earth in the perturbative approximation and in the slab approximation are presented and the effects of active-sterile mixing and of the CP-violating phases are discussed. The accuracy of the analytical approximations and the properties of the day-night asymmetries are illustrated numerically in the 3+1 neutrino mixing framework.
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