Monday, June 17, 2013

1306.3229 (Tao Han et al.)

Non-Decoupling MSSM Higgs Sector and Light Superpartners    [PDF]

Tao Han, Tong Li, Shufang Su, Lian-Tao Wang
In the "non-decoupling" region of the Higgs sector in MSSM, the heavier CP-even Higgs boson (H^0) is Standard-Model-like and close to the charged Higgs bosons (H^\pm) in mass, while other neutral Higgs bosons (h^0, A^0) are lighter and near the Z mass. This scenario is consistent with the current Higgs search limits. We demonstrate that it can pass the stringent flavor constraints, provided there are other light SUSY particles to contribute in the loop induced processes. In turn, the non-decoupling Higgs sector implies the existence of light (left-handed) stop, sbottom and Wino-like gauginos, with mass all below 250 GeV. These light super-partners can still escape the current SUSY searches at the LHC. Dedicated searches for soft decay products should be devised for the LHC experiments to improve the searching sensitivity. The ILC would be able to cover the full spectrum region. The solutions for the viable SUSY parameters result from subtle cancellations and are often missed by the generic multiple dimensional scans, highlighting the importance of theoretical guidance in search for such special cases.
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