Friday, June 14, 2013

1306.3064 (J. Hu et al.)

Development of the Liquid Level Meters for the PandaX Dark Matter

J. Hu, H. Gong, Q. Lin, K. Ni, A. Tan, Y. Wei, M. Xiao, X. Xiao, L. Zhao
The two-phase xenon detector is at the frontier of dark matter direct search. This kind of detector uses liquid xenon as the sensitive target and is operated in two-phase (liquid/gas) mode, where the liquid level needs to be monitored and controlled in sub-millimeter precision. In this paper, we present a detailed design and study of two kinds of level meters for the PandaX dark matter detector. The long level meter is used to monitor the overall liquid level while short level meters are used to monitor the inclination of the detector. These level meters are cylindrical capacitors custom-made from two concentric metal tubes. Their capacitance values are read out by a universal transducer interface chip and recorded by the PandaX slow control system. We present the developments that lead to level meters with long-term stability and sub-millimeter precision. Fluctuations (standard deviations) of less than 0.02 mm for the short level meters and less than 0.2 mm for the long level meter were achieved during a few days of test operation.
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