Monday, June 10, 2013

1306.1712 (R. Acciarri et al.)

A study of electron recombination using highly ionizing particles in the
ArgoNeuT Liquid Argon TPC

R. Acciarri, C. Adams, J. Asaadi, B. Baller, T. Bolton, C. Bromberg, F. Cavanna, E. Church, D. Edmunds, A. Ereditato, S. Farooq, B. Fleming, H. Greenlee, G. Horton-Smith, C. James, E. Klein, K. Lang, P. Laurens, D. McKee, R. Mehdiyev, B. Page, O. Palamara, K. Partyka, G. Rameika, B. Rebel, M. Soderberg, J. Spitz, A. M. Szelc, M. Weber, M. Wojcik, T. Yang, G. P. Zeller
Electron recombination in highly ionizing stopping protons and deuterons is studied in the ArgoNeuT detector. The data are well modeled by either a Birks model or a modified form of the Box model. The dependence of recombination on the track angle with respect to the electric field direction is much weaker than the predictions of the Jaffe columnar theory and by theoretical-computational simulations.
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