Monday, June 3, 2013

1305.7266 (Edmond L. Berger et al.)

Measuring Top-Quark Polarization in Top-Pair + Missing Energy Events    [PDF]

Edmond L. Berger, Qing-Hong Cao, Jiang-Hao Yu, Hao Zhang
The polarization of a top-quark can be sensitive to new physics beyond the standard model. We propose a novel method to measure top-quark polarization, based on the charged lepton energy fraction in top-quark decay, and illustrate the method with a detailed simulation of top-quark pairs produced in supersymmetric top squark pair production. We show that the lepton energy ratio distribution that we define is very sensitive to the top-quark polarization but insensitive to the precise measurement of the top-quark energy.
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