Thursday, May 30, 2013

1305.6677 (Sibo Zheng)

Technicolor with Scalar Doublet After the Discovery of Higgs Boson    [PDF]

Sibo Zheng
The SM-like Higgs boson with mass of 125 GeV discovered at the LHC is subject to a natural interpretation of electroweak symmetry breaking. As a successful theory in offering this naturalness, technicolor with a fundamental scalar doublet and two colored techni-scalars is proposed after the discovery of SM-like Higgs boson. At present status, the model can be consistent with both the direct and indirect experimental limits. In particular, the consistency with precision electroweak measurements is realized by the colored techni-scalars, which give rise to a large {\it negative} contribution to $S$ parameter. It is also promising to detect techni-pions and colored techni-scalars at the 14-TeV LHC.
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