Friday, May 24, 2013

1305.5320 (C. S. Kim et al.)

$B\to DK^*_{0,2}$ Decays: PQCD analysis to determine CP violation phase
angle $γ$

C. S. Kim, Run-Hui Li, Wei Wang
$B^\pm \to (D^0, \bar D^0, D_{CP})K^{*\pm}_{0,2}$ decays are helpful in determining the CP violation angle $\gamma$, and we analyze these decay processes within the perturbative QCD approach based on $k_T$ factorization. We found that the branching ratio of $B^-\to D^0 K^{*-}_0$ can reach the order of $10^{-4}$, due to the enhancement of nonfactorizable contributions in color-suppressed $D^0$-emission, while the branching ratio of $B^-\to \bar D^0 K^{*-}_0$ is of the order $10^{-5}$. The ratio of decay amplitudes is about 3 times larger than the one in the channel $B^\pm\to D K^\pm$. Large branching ratios provide a good opportunity to observe $ B^\pm \to D K^{*\pm}_2$ on the ongoing and forthcoming experimental facilities and consequently these channels may be of valuable avail in reducing the errors in the CP violation phase angle $\gamma$. We also explore the possible time-dependent CP asymmetries of $B_s$ decay into a scalar meson to determine the phase angle $\gamma$.
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