Wednesday, May 22, 2013

1305.4756 (Guo-Li Wang et al.)

The Properties of $D^{*}_{s1}(2700)^{+}$    [PDF]

Guo-Li Wang, Yue Jiang, Tianhong Wang, Wan-Li Ju
The new particle $D^{*}_{s1}(2700)^{+}$ has stimulated many attentions. There are different assignments of its inherent properties. It may be a $2^3S_1$, $1^3D_1$ or the mixture of $2^3S_1-1^3D_1$ $c\bar s$ $1^-$ state. By considering its mass, decay modes, full width, production rate, and comparing with current experimental data, we point out that there is another more reasonable assignment: $D^{*}_{s1}(2700)^{+}$ could be identified as two resonances, one of which is a $2^3S_1$ state, another is a 1D state, and both are $c\bar s$ $1^-$ states. The two states have very close masses, which are around 2700 MeV, and both have broad decay widths. So in experiments, the overlapping of $DK$ or $D^*K$ invariant mass distribution coming from their decays is found, but the current experiments could not distinguish these two resonances and reported one particle.
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